👥 3 to 6 people per session

🎂 From 18

⌛️ 2 hours 30 minutes

🎲 Criminal investigation

👥 3 to 6 people per session

🎂 From 18

⌛️ 2 hours 30 minutes

🎲 Criminal investigation


Want to enjoy a good beer and have fun at the same time?

Welcome to the Bureau International des Experts en Régulation Ethyliques (B.I.E.R.E.)! Explore different eras and contexts with a beer in hand. Choose your side during Prohibition! Save mankind in a post apocalyptic world! In all cases, your involvement will be crucial!

Download the application and choose the investigation associated with your city. Then it’s just a matter of tasting from bar to bar!

What if, for once, the answer was at the bottom of your glass?

NB: These games have no time limit: 5 drinks are included at partner bars, but you don’t have to do the whole thing in one evening. (It really depends on your liver…)


Lausanne center, around Riponne.
Geneva, coming soon


Available from June 2023.

Site ?

Discover the link here soon!


Based around party games and local puzzles, these games are designed to help you have a good time. Have you ever enjoyed a beer under stress?


Everything is included in the price. Once you’ve signed up, all you have to do is enjoy, without logistical or other worries. The hardest part will be finding the next bar!


No need to rush… And no need to do it all in one evening! You can start the game at one point and finish it a few days later, just to make sure your blood alcohol level doesn’t skyrocket!


You can also take part even if you don’t like alcohol like your friends! A “soft” version is available so you can enjoy the story and puzzles without the bitterness!