Here are some of the games we’ve created. Of course, our strength lies in creating totally customized games, so this list is by no means exhaustive, but it will give you an idea of what we can offer!

Your World


⌛️ 2 hours

🎲 Cold War

An immersive, interactive experience set in the midst of the Cold War, where every choice you make has an impact and far-reaching consequences.

Time On Hand

📍Carouge, Geneva

⌛️ 2 hours 30 minutes

🎲 Investigation and tasting

Accompanied by Agent Spectre, follow the trail of a rare watch thief and investigate… all while enjoying local delicacies!

Paranormal Investigation

📍Vieille ville of Genève

⌛️ 2 hours 30 minutes

🎲 Paranormal & esotericism

As a member of the BEP (Brigade d’Enquêtes Paranormales), you investigate Red July, a murderer the police have never been able to catch… and for good reason. Prepare to discover some very strange things.



⌛️ 30 minutes per game

🎲 Quantum physics

An educational card game designed to introduce the fundamentals of quantum physics.



⌛️ 2 hours 30 minutes

🎲 Investigation and tasting

An app-based investigation of the best local beers. Who says you can’t combine business with pleasure?



⌛️ 1 hour 30 minutes

🎲 Gallic War

An immersive experience in which you relive the Battle of Geneva, when Helvetii and Romans clashed. Choose your side and make the right choices!

Amnesia under hypnosis


⌛️ 1 hour 30 min.

🎲 Hypnosis (customized theme)

Solve the theft of a guest’s memory? Unlocking the secrets of invisibility? Sing a duet with Céline Dion? With hypnosis, imagination is your only limit!

Hackademia – Game Zone

📍Campus UNIGE

⌛️ Various

🎲 Hackathon

Creation of a “game zone” for hackathon participants. Objective? Strengthen team cohesion and take your mind off things!

Fake News

📍Schools and companies

⌛️ 1 hour 30 minutes

🎲 Custom theme

In this tailor-made treasure hunt, you’ll have to explore several themes to find the clues… But only well-sourced information will get you there!


📍Restaurant Eat Me Lausanne

⌛️ 2 hours 30 minutes

🎲 Prohibition

Combine dining out with a Prohibition-era investigation. Between each service, discover a new act of intrigue!

The stuffing fish

📍At your place!

⌛️30 minutes

🎲 Looking for Nemo

For children aged 7 to 15. Your friend Nemo has escaped from his jar and made it to the sea! Do the same if you don’t want to end up as breaded fish…

Coming soon…



⌛️ 1 hour

🎲 Cabinet of curiosities

A unique concept: an escape game bus! Enter the bizarre bizzarium of Dr. Roy, a crazy old man. He will challenge you to find his missing daughter…



⌛️ 10 weeks

🎲 Aliens and the paranormal

In this long-running ARG, plunge into a world where aliens have taken over. Infiltrate them, investigate and foil their plans!